Morning Routine Chart Video – See Examples of Morning Routine Charts

Morning Routine Chart for kids, Photo by Kelly PfeifferHow’s the morning routine going for your family right now? The new school year has started and mornings can be more hectic with homework, school projects, lunch money and dress code issues.

There are dozens of ways to make routine charts. Check out the links below for some different ways to create routine charts.

Remember that a routine chart

is NOT a reward chart.

No stickers or gold stars needed.

A routine chart is simply a guide for children to follow to help them stay on task in the mornings. Morning routine charts can reduce parental nagging. When children are off task, parenting can simply as a “What?” question: “What’s next on your routine chart?” or “What do you need to be doing to get ready on time?”

Videos and Images on the Web

so you can SEE some visuals

about Picture Routine Charts

  • Print out a copy of the picture routine chart that this mom made for her kids. (Kelly’s note: Your child will be more likely to follow the routine and take more ownership of the routine chart if they are involved in both the planning and the making of a routine chart.

Routine charts help children SELF discipline instead of OTHER discipline. When parents nag to keep kids on task in the mornings, children learn to rely solely on others to motivate them to get ready in the morning. Children learn self discipline by following a schedule that they helped create and manage for themselves.

If you haven’t yet, read the article, Morning Picture Routine Chart for Kids by me on

Wishing your more peaceful mornings!


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